Like many of you who have stumbled across my blog, I am learning how to live with an addict and alcoholic as an active, key player in my life. My fiance of one year is wrestling with the disease of Addiction. I feel helpless, at times. I feel hopeless, at times. I rejoice at times and experience maddening anger at others. I have fleeting moments where I imagine myself packing up my bag and our dog and never looking back, done with the lying and manipulation forever.

I am just starting my own journey of self-discovery, trying to figure out what it is about myself that has led me to feeling the way I feel today. What have I done to compound the situation? What am I doing now to fix myself so that I stop feeling hopeless, and helpless, and hurt?

This blog will follow my path as I begin my own journey to recovery: recovering from the hurt, recovering from the unhelathy way of life I’ve so easily adapted over the past couple of years, and recovering from finally addressing my own demons.

I am full of fear. But I am not alone.